technical analysis of the failures in a typical drilling

Industrial Vibration Analysis English

2016-3-23Industrial Vibration Analysis for Predictive Maintenance and Improved Machine Reliability Background: Industrial vibration analysis is a measurement tool used to identify predict and prevent failures in rotating machinery Implementing vibration analysis on the machines will improve the reliability of the machines and lead to better

Electronic Device Damage in Control Panel of Drilling

2020-7-5Reliability of electronic circuit boards and electronic devices of console of drilling units are investigated This new analytical method confirms modification of electronic device dynamic behaviour which installed in console of drilling unit It is in agreement with experimental results which show electronic circuit board failure in driller console when dynamic loading is considerably less

Guidelines for Offshore Structural Reliability Page No 1

2002-6-14- modes of failure and related reliability analysis characteristics and parameters - typical examples of reliability analysis The guidelines are intended for application of Level III structural reliability where the joint probability distribution of uncertain parameters is used to compute a probability of failure 1 2 Jack-ups in General

Review of failure modes in supercritical geothermal

2018-12-7Conventional hydrothermal geothermal wells with a depth of around 3000 m and temperatures of 340 C can yield from 4 up to 10 MW e Recent studies have proven that productivity might be increased by a factor of 10 if fluids from supercritical resources had been extracted (Frileifsson et al 2005 2014a b) This is due to the increased enthalpy lower viscosity and density of

Mud pump failure analysis (Journal Article)

article{osti_5269106 title = {Mud pump failure analysis} author = {Lewis E C II} abstractNote = {Extrusion the primary cause of piston failure is the degradation of a seal caused by the seal material moving into the interface between the two parts being sealed It is shown that operational dynamics of the mud piston lead to an aggravated extrusion condition

Drilling Technology and Costs

2007-1-24Drilling Technology variation needed for accurate analysis Currently there are fewer than 100 geothermal wells drilled per year in the United States few or none of which are deep enough to be of interest Very few geothermal wells in the United States are deeper than 2 750 m (9 000 ft) making predictions of deep

Effect of Different Nitrile Elastomers in Down Hole

2019-12-16Effect of Different Nitrile Elastomers in Down Hole Drilling Applications With a Review of Testing and Failure Analysis Bonnie Stuck* Nicole Hershberger Akron Rubber Development Laboratory Inc Akron OH Presented at the Fall 184th Technical Meeting of the Rubber Division of the American Chemical Society October 8 2013 Cleveland Ohio


ANALYSIS OF API 5C3 FAILURE PREDECTION FORMULAE FOR CASING TUBING S Staelens1 T Galle1 W De Waele1 P De Baets1 1 Ghent University Laboratory Soete Belgium Abstract Due to the increasing demand for oil and gas coupled with the fact that oil reserves are becoming rather scarce the petroleum industry is pushed to drill and complete deeper wells

Safety of offshore oil and gas operations: Lessons from

2014-4-1Analysis of past accidents in offshore oil and gas operations Page 7 1 Introduction - Purpose Following the catastrophic accident of 20 April 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico where an explosion on drilling rig Deepwater Horizon exploring oil and gas at the Macondo well


2012-11-23In order to optimise the value and use of data quality assurance storage media availability etc should be focused For a drilling operation the following minimum requirements shall apply: 4 3 2 Geological and reservoir technical Requirements Unwashed (1 kg

Case Study 3: Managed Pressure Drilling

2017-12-4fluid losses when drilling deep formations with low-fracture gradients (eliminating mud density changes (Reference 1) Return Flow Control Drilling is an MPD method that reduces risks from drilling fluid hazardous gases and well control incidents to the personnel and the environment This method specifically enables drilling

Assessment of Drilling Workover Rig Storm Sea

Discuss consideration given to risk associated with rig tie-down failures Task 3: Complete an Example Technical Analysis of Rig Tie-Down Performance during Hurricane Ivan: For a rig on one of the FPS's surveyed in Task 1 Develop wind load model for the rig (data from Task 1 e)

Drilling for productivity

2020-8-14Failures are frequent with mean time between failures (MTBF) of just 15-20 hours in some cases with a normal life expectancy of 100-200 hours Failure analysis QIBR applied a broad set of technical capabilities to determine the root cause of mud motor bearing failures

Mathematical modeling and prediction of drill string

2014-1-4Knowledge of the allowed stability region of drill pipes and collars is the first step to having an optimal design of drill string in specified conditions of wellbore With lack of sufficient knowledge of drill string stability region may be used pipes with more resistance for more safety Hence drilling cost will increase This paper describes software designed to predict the drill string

PFMEA Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

2011-7-7failures and their causes Main drive is to understand the process through the identification of as many potential failuresas possible o e g Incorrect material used z PFMEA typically assumes that the design is sound z Development of Recommended Actions is targeted at eliminating the Root Cause of the potential failures

Oil Gas Practice How to achieve 50% reduction in

2015-9-24Exhibit 1: McKinsey drilling toolbox: Drilling spend improvement levers across the well delivery process potentials and example improvements (Based on McKinsey analysis) What to do to reduce offshore drilling costs by 50% In order to maximize cost reductions a company needs to optimize these five levers together: 1

Downhole vibration causing a drill collar failure and

2017-3-1Through technical exchanges field surveys and workshops related to failures of drilling tools some common phenomena have been found For example frequent fatigue failures of drill collars occurred during drilling in some blocks or formations especially in the drilling of

Case Study 3: Managed Pressure Drilling

2017-12-4fluid losses when drilling deep formations with low-fracture gradients (eliminating mud density changes (Reference 1) Return Flow Control Drilling is an MPD method that reduces risks from drilling fluid hazardous gases and well control incidents to the personnel and the environment This method specifically enables drilling

Smith Bits Catalog

2020-5-1equipment life minimizing failures increasing ROP improving hole condition and directional control and decreasing overall drilling cost Various combinations of drillbit options drilling assembly components drillstring designs surface parameters component placement and overbalance pressures can be examined for the specific lithology


2017-10-18potential failures (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis - FMEA) (Barends et al 2012 Medikonda et al 2011) To date the FMEA-analysis is one of the tools to quantify risk coefficient Prediction of defects and failures analysis of outcomes and prevention of their occurrence is the main objective of this method

drilling time analysis

drilling time analysis The dynamic range of drilling forces estimated by typical quasi-static models is often underestimated Physical sensors also typically cannot be located where drill string failures actually occur Simulation has the potential to prevent vibration-related drilling tool failures


2014-5-20TECHNICAL SCIENCES Abbrev : Techn Sc No 12 Y 2009 DOI 10 2478/v10022-009-0018-3 TYPICAL FAILURES OF GEAR PUMPS DEFECTS CLASSIFICATION Paweł Pietkiewicz Chair of Mechanics and Machine Design University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn K e y w o r d s: gear pumps symptom defect diagnostic relations Abstract

Oil and Gas Well Drilling and Servicing eTool

2020-8-15Once the substructure is set in place the process of setting up the rig floor begins Begin by installing stairways and guardrails to allow access to the rig floor Then the drawworks is set in place and secured to the substructure On mechanical rigs the engines are set in place and the compound and associated equipment connected to the drawworks On electric rigs the electric cables