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How to Choose the Ultimate Fishing Rods

2018-8-2Guide for choosing fishing rods What you need to be looking why these features are important and how it will affect your fishing Ultralight rods carbon fiber rods telescopic rods baitcasting spincasting ice fishing trolling rods fly rods surf rods saltwater fishing gear pros cons and more

Tsunami Black Barrel Swivel Value Pack

Tsunami Ball Bearing Swivels (Value Pack) are a modern style of swivel that is a popular light tackle option for flexible rotation and reduced water resistance with line-to-line and line-to-leader connections as well as setting up the float and running sinker rigs

Making Leaders Snap Swivels

2020-5-6Making your own leaders and high quality snap swivels is a straight forward and simple task Leaders are made up of three parts A swivel on one end a snap on the other end with a length of wire or line between the two ends Making your own leaders is the only way you can end up with a leader that will exactly meet your needs


2006-6-15Subject: RE: Snap swivels questions Posts: 28 I honestly don't understand why so many guys insist on BB swivels Unless you are using inline bucktails or trolling spoons they aren't really necessary Otherwise i don't see why the extra cost of BBswivels is justified especially for guys casting cranks jerkbaits or just about anything else

Ice Fishing

Classic ice fishing lures with welded single hook Basically these models represent two types of lu High quality swivels with a strong and easy to open snap Offered in different sizes 1 73€ Professional 5 cut fishing gloves with a modern design perfectly suitable for warm and cool weather

Making Weighted Spinners

2018-8-23Modern Ice Fishing Lure Making Lure Making How To Make Fishing Lures by Vlad Evanoff Get Instant Access Spinners are by far Canada's favourite lure The reasons for their popularity is rather simple They catch a lot of fish More than any other lure Making Leaders Snap Swivels Making Wooden Crankbaits - Lure Making Related

New Fishing Gear for 2021

Seaguar IceX is a new fluorocarbon line designed exclusively for the rigors of ice fishing and precision engineered using only genuine Seaguar resins 50-yard spools of Seaguar IceX will be available soon in 2- 3- 4- 6- and 8-pound test MSRP of $8 99

Snap Size Chart

Snap gauge specifications and sizes 2 7/8 Brass Fast Eye Snap Hook Snap!™ Brushes are fun but not frivolous com mainly located in Asia The snap open poster frame system is brilliantly easy to use This snap can open at two positions for adding leader or a lure Inside snap ring components come in a few sizes for automotive applications

Rompin Fishing

Rompin was founded in 2013 which began from a small workshop to a modern conpany We adhere to the spirit of artisans the rocky quality to feed back to the global customers for decades Based on trust challenge persistence innovation we load forward live uo to expectations We supply fishing equipment with the worlds newest technology that are exceptional in quality

Fishing Guide: Sierra

When tied directly to the end of fishing line (or leader) a snap or swivel snap can be used to quickly swap out lures without having to retie the line which saves time In cases when an angler doesn't want the swivel to be attached directly to the lure a barrel swivel can be placed between the end of the fishing

Sampo Safety Snap Swivel

Sampo Safety Snap Swivel - The world's best-selling American made swivel Quality you can count on for general freshwater fishing Ideal for hook-to-lure connections Easy-to-use snap for quick change of lures and leaders Quality you can count on Ideal for hook-to-lure connections

Making Stinger Rigs

2016-11-15Modern Ice Fishing Making Stinger Rigs Last Updated on Tue 15 Nov 2016 Making Wooden Crankbaits - Lure Making Making Leaders Snap Swivels Related Categories Learn to make your own inline spinners Making Your Own Fishing Jigs Make Fishing Responses chantelle

MarineWaypoints: Gear and Equipment/Fishing

2020-5-1Stealth Fishing Tackle Fishing Leaders We manufacture and produce the highest quality fishing leaders on the market today! We use only the highest quality materials and components to provide you with the best leader possible All of our leaders are made one at a time They are hand tied crimped and glued for security and reliability

How To Fly Fish With Streamer Flies

Streamers are the fly-fishing equivalent of conventional lures Because they fly is usually moving strikes can be explosive Streamers are a great way to cover a lot of water and are the best flies to use when you don't know what fish are eating or if you are fishing unfamiliar water

Fishing: Landlocked Salmon

2018-8-5Bait fishing – In the spring bait fishers prefer to troll a live minnow for landlocked salmon It is important to not go as fast as you would with a fly since the minnow can easily twist making it useless Use a sinking fly line with a 20-foot 6-pound test leader to troll with a smelt or other minnow

Ice Fishing

Classic ice fishing lures with welded single hook Basically these models represent two types of lu High quality swivels with a strong and easy to open snap Offered in different sizes 1 73€ Professional 5 cut fishing gloves with a modern design perfectly suitable for warm and cool weather


2012-8-2Modern Ice Fishing Lure Making Requirements Last Updated on Thu 02 Aug 2012 | Lure Making Before you begin tying trebles you will need a few basic tools You will require a hook vise a bobbin and a small pair of clippers (scissors) Bass Fishing 101 Making Leaders Snap Swivels Spinnerbaits - Lure Making Weighted Forward Spinners

Best Fishing Line for Trout

If lure fishing for trout my preferred setup is to use a mono as the main line on a spinning reel and then a leader of fluoro of about 7-8 feet long connected with a high quality swivel The swivel is not only a stronger way to connect the two than a direct knot but it has the added benefit of

Buying Your First Fishing Rod And Reel (2020 Guide)

2020-8-17The hook aids in making accurate casts A trigger stick grip is a longer grip that helps for smooth two-handed long distance casts Reel Seat: This is where a reel attaches to the rod Reel attachments to the reel seat can differ Ice Fishing Rods Detecting a fish bite is the toughest aspect about jig lure fishing Spoons:

A Simple Guide to Snaps and Swivels

2015-9-8Snaps and swivels are some of these small odds-and-ends that tend to get overlooked - that is until your line tangles or you're robbed of a catch due to a weak spot in your line Snaps and snap-swivels make it easy to clip lures to your line provide better lure action than a rigid knot and keep line from fraying at lure-tie points

Ice Fishing

High quality swivels with a strong and easy to open snap Offered in different sizes Balanced CLASSIC The most popular among anglers model A hard tail of the lure makes the lure a w Modern monofilament ice fishing line Made in Japan with application of the high-grade material and

Hooks / Leaders / Swivels

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