mdccs based multistage life prediction of slewing

A review of failure modes condition monitoring and fault

Jan 01 2020Neural networks based methods can directly use the raw signals for fault classification without the process of feature extraction In this framework Liu et al proposed a joint-loss convolutional neural network (CNN) for simultaneous fault diagnosis and remaining useful life prediction The results of bearing run-to-failure datasets were used


Jul 01 2019Condition monitoring and life prediction for slewing bearings can effectively reduce the downtime of industrial machinery maintenance cost and casualties during operation P Ding H Wang Y F Dai J Chen H Zhang F Z Sun MDCCS Based Multistage Life Prediction of Slewing Bearing with a Novel Performance Description: an Improved

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Probabilistic Life Prediction for Crack Initiation on Coke Drums Based on Monte Carlo Simulation Wei-Wen Ye Wen-Feng Wang Zhi-Hua Ning Ren-Huai Liu Fan Wang High thermal stresses developed in coke drums can lead to fatigue crack initiation and subsequently growth until premature drum failure

ICLEM 2010 : logistics for sustained economic development

Oct 08 2010Get this from a library! ICLEM 2010 : logistics for sustained economic development : infrastructure information integration : proceedings of the 2010 International Conference of Logistics Engineering and Management : October 8-10 2010 Chengdu China [Jin Zhang American Society of Civil Engineers ]


Since operational transconductance amplifiers (OTAs) form the basic building blocks of many analog systems the compensation of three-stage OTAs has attracted a lot of attention in the literature Many different solutions to the stability problem of such OTAs have been proposed over the past 20 years with each solution exhibiting different properties or targeting a different application


Life prediction of slewing bearing based on isometric mapping and fuzzy support vector regression Weigang Bao Hua Wang Jie Chen Bo Zhang and Peng Ding et al 24 July 2019 | Transactions of the Institute of Measurement and Control Vol 42 No 1

Fault analysis of wind turbines in China

Mar 01 2016Based on the three primary configurations and failure statistics analysis of wind turbines in China this paper summarizes the failures of wind turbine components such as frequency converters generators gearboxes pitch systems yaw systems blades braking systems and

Signal Processing Sensor Fusion and Target Recognition

Time series prediction of nonlinear and nonstationary process modeling for ATR Author(s): Andre Sokolnikov Show Abstract A multi-attribute based methodology for vehicle detection and identification Pattern of life from WAMI objects tracking based on visual context-aware tracking and


The slewing bearing of crane is an important joint of crane so its maintenance is very necessary For the maintenance of slewing bearing we should do the following procedures: Check the bolts on the slewing bearing 1 check the bolts on the slewing bearing visually before each operation of the crane 2 After the operation of the slewi

MDCCS Based Multistage Life Prediction of Slewing Bearing

Feb 14 2019Residual Useful Life (RUL) prediction plays a vital role in the domain of rotating machine condition monitoring There have been extensive researches on the small bearings' RUL prediction Meanwhile it is relatively less for slewing bearings which are used as connections between slewing systems and endure heavy load and harsh working conditions its reliability of operation guarantees

Attentional amplification of neural codes for number

Jul 24 2019Numbers and the ability to count and calculate are an essential part of human culture They are part of everyday life featuring in calendars computers or the weekly shop but also in some of humanity's biggest achievements: without them the pyramids or space travel would not exist A precursor of sophisticated mathematical skill could reside in a simpler mental ability: the capacity to

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A Convolution Based Method for Calculating Dendritic Inputs in a Continuum Model of the Retina: Al Abed Amr: Univ of New South Wales: Yin Shijie: Univ of New South Wales: Lovell Nigel H Univ of New South Wales: Suaning Gregg: The Univ of New South Wales: Dokos Socrates: Univ of

Warship Design

Jun 22 2020Fire control computers try to predict a target's position based on its velocity and current acceleration but at ranges with significant light speed lag mobility matters much against beam weapons (and possibly the missile-deployed kinetic-kill clouds described earlier) For example a ship doing 5g of unpredictable acceleration deviates 25-m

Stellar Double Coronagraph: A Multistage Coronagraphic

Jun 13 2016The first is based on a specially made pupil-plane apodizer upstream of the vortex (Mawet et al 2013) which has the effect of redistributing the diffracted starlight in a way that it can be completely blocked in a post-coronagraphic Lyot plane also at the cost of reduced throughput 4 the second is by introducing another vortex in series


Prediction of oscillation amp litude crit eria for start-up and device sizing are all studied Chapter 17 extends to oscillators the earlier work on noise After elucidating some general criteria for optimizing the no ise performa nce of oscillators a powerfu l theory of phase noi se based on a linear time -vary ing mood is presented

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3) Lack of Unified Prediction and forecasting system integrating data such as Metrological data of forecast yield/production data across states Inventory and Public distribution whole sale and Retail agricultural commodity process etc Technology to address this Issue Predictive Analytics based on AI and ML through deep learning from the

Remaining useful life prediction of rolling bearing using

May 01 2020To improve the prediction accuracy the parameters that can indicate the degradation trend of rolling bearing are defined and can improve remaining useful life (RUL) prediction using the method of empirical mode decomposition based on differential (DEMD) and gray Markov model

Pattern analysis based acoustic signal processing: a

Audio signal processing is the most challenging field in the current era for an analysis of an audio signal Audio signal classification (ASC) comprises of generating appropriate features from a sound and utilizing these features to distinguish the class the sound is most likely to fit Based on the application's classification domain the characteristics extraction and classification


Linear prediction optimum linear filters stationary random process forward-backward linear prediction filters solution of normal equations AR Lattice and ARMA Lattice-Ladder Filters Wiener Filters for Filtering and Prediction 9 UNIT IV Adaptive Filters Applications Gradient Adaptive Lattice Minimum mean square criterion LMS

Glossary of aerospace engineering

Eigenvector slew — In aerospace engineering especially those areas dealing with spacecraft the eigenvector slew is a method to calculate a steering correction (called a slew) by rotating the spacecraft around one fixed axis or a gimbal This corresponds in general to the fastest and most efficient way to reach the desired target


Jun 25 2020Syllabus: Continuum concepts Stress field (Cauchy's principle equilibrium equation) Deformation (strain tensor compatibility) Principle of virtual work Constitutive equations Uniqueness and superposition Boundary value problems in plane stress and plain strain torsion of non circular cross section Kelvin problem and 3-D problems Failure theories plasticity fracture mecahnics

Reduction of stiffness and mass matrices

Fast buckling load numerical prediction method for imperfect shells under axial compression based on POD and vibration correlation technique Composite Structures Vol 252 Adaptive Hybridizable Discontinuous Galerkin discretization of the Grad–Shafranov equation by

A real-time predictive control method of discharge state for micro-EDM based on calamities grey prediction theory International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 2014 SCI 5 A New Measurement Method of Relative Volume Wear Ratio Based on Discharge Debris Composition Analysis in Micro-EDM

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Swarm-Based Auto-Tuning of PID Posicast Control for Uncertain Systems: Barbosa Oliveira Josenalde: Agricultural School of Jundia: Moura Oliveira Paulo: Univ De Tras Os Montes E Alto Douro: Pinho Tatiana M UTAD and INESC TEC: Cunha Jos Boaventura: Univ De Trs-Os-Montes E Alto Douro

Slew rate based power usage simulation and method

Apr 29 19973 Power Characterization of Multi-Stage Devices Even though the power dissipation of multi-stage devices is modelled as a single line having the general equation shown in Eq 14 two different sets of coefficients A B and D are computed based on whether the cell's output load is in the high or low load region