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2011-12-4Even after you have leveled the lathe you should do a test cut and you may need to re-adjust it until the lathe is cutting straight and square Level is a somewhat idealistic concept What you want is to have the ways aligned with the axis of the spindle and straight That is the goal Good Luck!-Blue Chips-Webb


2019-2-3On 02/03/2019 02:43 PM Robert Duvall wrote: hi guys have looked around at the files and can't find out how to check alignment of the spindle to the bed Aka to made sure the spindle is paralleling the bed ways Well on a QIBR bearing lathe it is fairly hard for this to get OUT of alignment The headstock is an interference fit into the inner faces of the bed ways and unless chips or

Turning to the Health of Machine Tool

Others include overloads or improper preload on bearings imbalance tool-change errors improper repair and there are many more Extending spindle service life Operators can make a big difference by helping to promote good health for a spindle and extended service life For example tool holders should always be properly balanced When a tool

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2020-6-29Mesin Grinding Spindle Air Turbine Grinding Spindles The standard air turbine grinding spindles for use on Moore Jig Grinders are sold as stand alone item 9000 RPM 40000 RPM 55000 RPM 120000 RPM 175000 RPM All models with the exception of the 9000 RPM model can be upgraded with hybrid ceramic ball bearings Electric Grinding Spindles The standard electric grinding Spindles for use

What is backlash? Detail of CNC machine tool

2015-8-7What exactly is machine backlash? Ballscrew backlash ballscrew slop bearing backlash and more Backlash is any non-movement that occurs during axis reversals Say for instance the X axis is commanded to move 1 inch in the positive direction Immediately after this X movement the X axis is commanded to move 1 inch in the negative direction

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2017-7-30Greetings I would like to pick your brains regarding some basic aspects of lathe spindle designs Namely those of the bench-top variety with a servo-controlled spindle that can operate as a fourth-axis My slant-bed design is to be a modest size with a 5C spindle about 8 in length through the headstock and I am seeking confirmation or advice on my approach to this most crucial portion of


2020-1-3b) A used lathe will never be better than the quality of the headstock bearings (as well as the many other areas of wear that might have happened in its lifetime) c) Headstock bearings on a 50 year old machine even if they have been looked after will be worn out of tolerance then - Any 50 year old Boxford lathe is only fit for scrap or

Setting spindle bearing preload

2013-6-17Setting spindle bearing preload I made a spindle a while ago for a live MT3 to lathe spindle nose adapter so I can hold chucks and collet holders in the tailstock I read all I could find on bearing preload but didn't find a definitive answer for bearing spacer widths Practical Machinist is the most visited site for metalworking

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2013-1-5Here's a concept sketch for the headstock/spindle design: I would like to place the roller bearings closer together to minimize the loss of preload due to thermal expansion of the spindle however I have been unable to find a ball bearing supplier online that has standard ball bearings with a 2 125 ID and 3 5 OD to match the roller bearings

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2011-12-4Even after you have leveled the lathe you should do a test cut and you may need to re-adjust it until the lathe is cutting straight and square Level is a somewhat idealistic concept What you want is to have the ways aligned with the axis of the spindle and straight That is the goal Good Luck!-Blue Chips-Webb

Mini Lathe Tapered roller bearing

2018-12-7I don't own a 7X lathe so my opinion is worth zero BUT if this were my lathe I would go find a decent set of bearings maybe ABEC 3 Nachi QIBR and QIBR make good tapered roller bearings Then I would set preload with the same method Emco uses on their precision lathes to preload it Emco sets preload with no gears attached - just a bare spindle

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2020-3-15I am somehow involved in a friend's old lathe rebuild project that has spent way more money in parts than the lathe will be worth But is ok if you enjoy the process We are currently lapping the spindle 0 0001 so we can get a good bearing temperature vs preload measurement

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1982-1-1This figure shows also intermediate stages of rotation of the nut which determines the preload of the bearing The maximum amount of preload was determined by the best stifness (least inclination of the curve) found on similar lathes which gave satisfactory results in practice c 1 b F 1- 333 Fig 5 Example of a small lathe with insufficient

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2009-8-261) Warm up the machine especially the spindle and feed shaft by running the machine for 10 to 20 minutes at about one-half or one-third the maximum speed in the automatic operation mode 2)The automatic operation program should cause each machine component to operate At the same time check their operations

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Setting Preload on Criterion DBL-202 Boring Head Jan 04 2017 Setting Preload on Criterion DBL-202 Boring Head I bought an almost new Crietion DBL-202 boring head on ebay and when I got the package I found that all 3 of the set screws had been backed out all the way ( 2 outer screws that set preload and 1 center screw that is the lock screw)

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2009-12-2on the bearing caps and the spindle nose (lathe off!) to see if there was any undue heating They never got much over what I would call mildly warm so the preload and cap tension is probably good After warm up I checked the spindle with the DI again then tried a parting cut The


2012-9-24Pinion bearing preload (new) 20-30: inch pounds: Pinion bearing preload (used) 8-10: any misalignment is taken up by the spindle bearing fit and the locking hub clearances plus its got a ujoint between the tube and spindle so the spring pressure on the gear is enough to keep it engaged but if you have a buddy who is a machinist you

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Spindle bearings and pre

2010-9-29Davo J wrote:I am doing my mill bearings at the moment in a HM52 (Grizzly 3617 over their) It came just like your picture with a deep groove bearing up top so I am changing it over to a taper as it makes more sense to have side load on a taper bearing I found my top bearing to be a press fit onto the spindle and after re greasing them after I bought it I found the adjusting nut will push it

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Spindle bearings are a VERY light press fit finger preassure only too tight of a fit will result in deformation of the presicion bearing and there goes your accuracy I would think it is best to grind those surfaces so you have a smooth finish with little resistance to mounting the bearings

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2017-6-1Anthony Musco made this adapter to use the Taig collets on his Unimat lathe out of the 1221 spindle adapter David Robertson cuts clock wheels on his Taig Mill : I have a Taig lathe a Taig Mill and an extra head stock that I use for an indexing fixture with the mill This way I can use the same work holders among the three devices

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2 ) my first spindle where floating upper bearing I used deep groove bearing later changed to angular - was much better I use only super precision angular contact bearings only once bought from factory most of from ebay brand new but much cheaper

Lathe spindle bearing and preload

2020-3-18Lathe spindle bearing and preload Thread starter AndySomogyi Start date Mar 18 2020 AndySomogyi H-M Supporter - Silver Member H-M Supporter - Silver Member Joined Nov 9 2018 Messages 226 Mar 18 2020 #1 I've just rebuilt the spindle on my Clausing 5428 and the manual is extremely vague WRT bearing preload Basically all it says is

What should tapered roller bearing cone to slide on

My father was a machinist instructor and tool and die maker in the air force and after leaving the military worked for several years for Lockheed He is no longer with us and I need some information ( I wish I would have learned more from him) I have a 1988 Ford E150 van and the outer bearing cone has been spinning on the spindle


2020-7-6/EMT/ Eternal Machinist Thread - /diy/ but practical manual lathe'ing Anonymous 06/18/20(Thu)01:07:32 No 1844495 If the spindle is designed for axial load in one direction and may even have zero preload there's no way to use it as a mill even if it has a draw bar Milling with a chuck without a draw bar is not as super dangerous