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Method and apparatus for washing fiber pulp mixture

2002-5-16When fiber pulp is washed water is removed from it in a manner that aims at removing particle-type material such as ash with the water while useful fibers are retained in the fiber pulp [0004] Apparatuses for washing fiber pulp in this manner were presented in the Tappi Conference from Jun 15 to Jun 19 1998 for instance and according

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Knack for Paper Pulp Washing Factors affecting the washing are types of fiber raw materials pulp hardness washing water temperature slurry thickness and dryness vacuum degree etc the specific analysis is as follows: 1 Pulp species The most important influence factor is the pulp species General long fiber has good drainability

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Pulp and paper manufacturing activities may generate wastewater discharges at a rate of 10-250 cubic meters per metric ton (m3/t) of product Product is measured as air dry pulp (ADP2) in pulp mills and as weight of paper sold in paper and board mills Prior to treatment pulp mill effluents are high in

Paper Pulp Washing Process in Paper Pulping

On the paper pulp washing process the brownstock from the blowing goes to the washing stages where the used cooking liquors are separated from the cellulose fibers Normally a pulp mill has 3-5 washing stages in series Paper pulp washing stages are also placed after oxygen delignification and between the bleaching stages as well

Energy Cost Reduction in the Pulp and Paper Industry

Francis M T Towers and T C Browne Pulp and Paper Research Institute of Canada(Paprican) Energy Cost Reduction in the Pulp and Paper Industry – An Energy CMYK printer profileComposite Default screen Energy Cost Reduction in the Pulp and Paper

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ABB Pulp and paper offers solutions to improve pulp and paper quality reduce manufacturing costs and the consumption of raw materials and energy washing and bleaching: 3 factors for success ABB Launches North American Pulp and Paper Tour ABB helps the world's most energy-efficient pulp mill generate twice as much power as it consumes

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The pulp and paper industry comprises companies that use wood as raw material and produce pulp paper board and other cellulose based products The pulp and paper sector presents one of the energy intensive and highly polluting sectors within the Indian economy and is therefore of particular interest in the context of both local and global


2012-1-17Energy efficient Environment friendly technologies ' For achieving the above goal some concrete steps are required to be taken The cleaner production options along with the salient pulp paper manufacturing processes being practiced are discussed for individual sections: 1 0 Raw Material Preparation Handling:

How to deal with the sewage in paper mill?

2020-3-30Due to the large amount of pulp and paper wastewater the difficulty of treatment and the continuous improvement of environmental protection standards water treatment costs have also increased in corporate expenditures thereby achieving energy saving purposes Blower room and piping design it is mainly in the way of sludge discharge

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The special advantages of mechanical pulp are that it makes the paper opaque and bulky 5 Hydra pulper When the bales of non-wood pulp or waste paper arrive at the paper mill they are loaded onto a conveyor and passed into a circular tank containing water This has a very powerful agitator at the bottom which breaks up the bales into small

Handbook on Pulp and Paper Processing

The pulp and paper industry comprises companies that use wood as raw material and produce pulp paper board and other cellulose based products The pulp and paper sector presents one of the energy intensive and highly polluting sectors within the Indian economy and is therefore of particular interest in the context of both local and global

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Glv Pulp And Paper Machinery Equipment And Parts 2019726 GLV serves the global pulp and paper industry with spare parts rebuilds upgrades repairs and optimiation services for new and existing equipment Our group is focused on innovation and provides technologies that generate energy and cost savings for our customers Read More


2010-1-271 A method for washing fibre pulp in which method fibre pulp is fed into a dewatering section (3) and water and with it ash and/or other impurities are removed through a wire running in the same direction as the fibre pulp in the dewatering section wherein the fibre pulp being washed is fed into a dewatering section (3) formed between two wires (1 2) and the wires are arranged to run in

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Valmet's pulp washers minimize the carry-over into the following treatment stages while also minimizing effluent load and water consumption They are a cornerstone of cost-effective and environmentally sound pulp production Valmet's TwinRoll presses are characterized by excellent washing efficiency high availability and high output

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Alibaba offers 4 389 paper pulp washing products About 10% of these are other sanitary paper 2% are paper processing machinery and 1% are paper product making machinery A wide variety of paper pulp washing options are available to you such as craft paper specialty paper and duplex board


The pulp and paper industry is one of the most important and profitable industries in Canada and is a growing portion of the global economy Although there is worldwide shrinking in the graphic paper market due to digitization there is overall continual growth in the pulp and paper industry because of the increasing market demand for several other applications such as cardboard and packaging

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2020-8-17China is the key buyer of pulp paper wood and chips According to Fisher Solve Next China accounted for one-third of the world's market pulp imports last decade If China stops importing as much product countries reliant on exporting goods to China will have to look to domestic markets to mitigate oversupply issues

Mechanism of Retention of Alkenyl Succinic Anhydride

pulp suspension are generally 0 1-0 2% on dry weight of pulp or lower efficient retention of ASA on pulp fibers is required for efficient sizing of papersheet Generally cationic polymers and aluminum sulfate (alum) are added with cationic ASA emulsion to pulp suspension and

Efficiency in Pulp and Paper Mills

Pulp and paper mills have specific processes such as chipping pulping washing and bleaching which require specific knowledge instrumentation and practical approaches By looking at each process determining sources of variability or deficiency and applying solutions facility

Retrofit Approach for the Reduction of Water and

2010-11-10In the paper of Rouzinuo et al (2003) Pinch Technology proved to be a great tool for the integration of new equipment in processes for pulp and paper industry at an application in Albany (Oregon USA) achieving the reduction of energy consumption significantly

Treatment of Pulp and Paper Industries Effluents

2020-7-17The making of paper from the pulp consists of two essential steps namely stock preparation and paper making Stock Preparation: In this process the pulp is mechanically treated in beakers refiners or other equipment to the required degree of fineness (freeness) depending on the quality of paper to be made

Pollution Prevention For The Kraft Pulp And Paper

----- 910992031 POLLUTION PREVENTION FOR THE KRAFT PULP AND PAPER INDUSTRY BIBLIOGRAPHY Prepared for U S EPA Region 10 1200 Sixth Avenue Seattle Washington 98101 EPA Contract No 68-C8-0062 WA 3-63 SAIC Project No 01-0832-03-1013 Prepared by Science Applications International Corporation 626 Columbia Street NW Olympia Washington 98501 SEPTEMBER 1992

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2009-11-5particular paper machine Regular and efficient cleaning of the fabric will maintain these characteristics and thereby assist in achieving an efficient and economic fabric life Fabrics can be cleaned by mechanical or chemical means and frequently by a combina-tion of both The cleaning can be continuous or for short periods at regular intervals

Why Does Paper Pulp Need To Be Bleached?

2019-1-29The pulp washing is enhanced and the amount of dissolved lignin in the black liquor is reduced to enter the bleaching process thereby reducing chlorine consumption In addition the enhancement of the washing between C and E stages the chlorine gas can be added by multiple times during the chlorination and the PH value is increased during


2013-5-29Energy (steam) is recovered for the pulp production 160 Pulp and Paper Industry Chapter 3 A small amount of hazardous waste is generated in all mills Such waste include oil and grease residues used hydraulic and transformer oils waste batteries and other scrap electrical equipment solvents paints biocide and chemical residues etc Normally they amount to about 0 05-0 1 kg/t of product

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2015-1-18Washing efficiency can be increased with a quality defoamer The right defoamer can add millions of dollars of value to your pulping operation by increasing pulp production rates washer efficiency increased recycled white liquor less washer screen clogging reduced energy costs and cleaner pulp